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Peter Leidy has over 20 years of experience working for people with disabilities

Learning from people with disabilities and those who support them since 1983

Madison Wisconsin's Peter Leidy (musician, keynote speaker, supports people with disabilites, training)
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“ I have found your DVDs and CDs to be thought provoking & great conversation starters!
-- Jamie Smith
Western Australia

Thank you for the inspiring and entertaining presentation. Thank you for this wonderful tool to aid us in our conversations as we continue to work together as a team and grow ever closer. We will all benefit from this video.
-- Mar and Ian Goodman,
Takima, OR
- Mouth Magazine
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New DVD:

DVD cover for "7 Ways to Prevent a Crisis "

7 Ways to Cause Prevent a Crisis,

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New video is here! New video is here! If you liked my last video, Doing Our Best Work, you’ll love this one.  If you didn’t like the other video, you’ll still love this one.  And if you never saw the other video, you should buy both right now!

Introducing 7 Ways to Cause Prevent a Crisis, another training/conversation-prompting video peppered with humor, music, and overall quirkiness looking at the importance of paying attention to seven areas of support to reduce the likelihood of “challenging behavior” leading to crisis.

  1. Build good relationships
  2. Make the good match
  3. Help supporters get to know the whole person
  4. Make truly person centered plans
  5. Make sure home feels like home
  6. Provide safety, comfort, and familiarity
  7. Listen for the person’s deepest needs and desires

Watch the official trailer to the new DVD!

This video accompanies training that Peter provides for which the target audience would be those in direct support roles and mid-level managers of organizations supporting people where the word “behavior” is regularly used.

My other DVD

DVD cover opens to more info page.

Doing Our Best Work:
10 Ingredients of
Quality Support

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Time for an addition to your training resources library??
In this training and discussion video, Peter looks at ten essential components of quality direct support. (More Info)

Lookout, Sundance!

Special Bundle Deal!

DVD cover for "7 Ways to Prevent a Crisis "

2 DVD + 4 CD Bundle


Buy both videos and all 4 HS CDs for only $100 + shipping!
A $120 value for $100!  It’s hard to believe this is true, but it is!  I am not making this up!  And if you prefer not using Paypal, just email me.

  • 7 Ways to Cause Prevent a Crisis - DVD
  • Doing Our Best Work - DVD
  • Non-Compliant - CD
  • The Great Escape - CD
  • More Songs for People Like You and Me - CD
  • Greetings from Human Serviceland - CD


 Jan Lampman -The Arc of Midland, Michigan Executive Director,
The Arc of Midland, Michigan Executive Director, Jan Lampman, has the distinction of holding a certain world record: Most Peter Leidy CD's Bought By One Person!

Many valued customers find my CD's are appropriate for Columbus Day, Yom Kippur, Canadian Thanksgiving, National Boss Day, (Eid) al Fitr, United Nations Day, the end of Daylight Savings Time, Halloween, All Saints Day, Day of the Dead, many people's birthdays, Veterans Day, American Thanksgiving, and other Fall and Winter gift-giving holidays.

Human Serviceland CD's:

CD cover for "More Songs for People Like You and Me"


Contains 14 New Instant Classics:
She Uses the F-word Quite Frequently    snippet
Three Times a Week (the outings song)    snippet
7 Ways to Cause a Crisis    snippet
Speak Up, Speak Out     
I’m Going to Write You Up   snippet
You’ll Get What (We Think) You Need    
Our Consumers Are So Happy Here     
Walking Right Out That Door   snippet
Let Me Pee    
Erik Riggs    
Who Says     
Can Someone Get Me a Gig in Hawaii?    
CD Cover for The Great Escape

My third Human Serviceland CD: The Great Escape is here and ready to be purchased by YOU, lover of classic human serviceland songs!!

Why on Earth would you not want to order one? It's so easy!

The Great Escape follows Greetings from Human Serviceland and More Songs for People Like You & Me (both still available of course) -- the third in this particular trilogy.  Like the others, it is ONLY $10, plus a couple bucks for postage. 

Includes these soon-to-be classics:

The Great Escape    
Ride on the Wild Side    
Stacy Kerr is My Case Manager lyrics  
I went to a Conference lyrics  
Don't Wanna be Sedated lyrics  
Radio Ad for Acme Community Services    
The Biter    
My Friend HIPAA lyrics  
Shred Faster - The Auditors are Coming    
Get this Crap Away from Me lyrics  
I will Survive lyrics  
Darwin Ness Polka    
Coming Home    



CD cover for "More Songs for People Like You and Me"

More Songs for People
Like You and Me

Songs include (but are not limited to):

Person Centered Plan    
Cover of Mouth Magazine    
Don't Wanna Go to Branson    
Corporate America Calling   listen
People Can't Wait    
I've Got That Borderline Feeling
  (In the Pit of My Stomach)
Jerry Lewis Blues    
Everybody Has a Gift lyrics  
You Must Be a Saint    
The Bowel Song    
CD Cover for "Greetings from Human Serviceland"

Greetings from Human Serviceland

Songs include:

Help Wanted    
Learning My ABCs lyrics listen
Bloodborne Pathogens    
The Broker    
Our Way lyrics  
Will You Pay Me More    
Polygons of Support    
Thanks for the Mellaril    
This Is Your Last Day lyrics  
The Ballad of Self Directed Joe lyrics  
I Mark the Line    

My Other CD's:

CD Cover for Love and Money

Love & Money

My next-to-latest CD, Love & Money, is available for your listening pleasure.  Love & Money could be considered a follow-up to 2003's wildly popular, critically acclaimed, chart-topping, platinum-selling Leaving on a State Plane: A Fair and Balanced Look at the Year in Wisconsin Politics.   

Here are the songs on this collection:

Wisconsin Was Made for You and Me    
I Copped a Plea (as sung by Brian Burke)    
Ode to Brett Favre    
Halloween in Madison    
Dick Cheney Waltz    
Love Song for the Wisconsin Legislature    
King of the Dough (as sung by Gov. Doyle)    
Thank You Deputy Englehardt    
Love Me, Linda Ronstadt    
The Bumper Sticker Song    
Tom DeLay    

People, politics, and passion.  You won't want to be without it, and neither will everyone on your gift list.

Love & Money ONLY COSTS $10 and is available at Sugar Shack Records on Atwood Ave. and Mad City Music in the Gateway Mall on Williamson.

Peter Leidy CD "Leaving on a State Plane"

Leaving on a State Plane:
A Fair and Balanced Look at the Year in Wisconsin Politics

Besides the title track, the collection includes:

Leaving on a State Plane    
My Ads Accused You    
I Crossed the Line    
My Way    
Balanced Budget Waltz    
Everything's Banned    
The Guvner    
Ode to John Gard    
Wisconsin A to Z    
Scars and Gripes Forever    
California Schemin'    
Big Donations    
Tell Me Why    
Rainy Day    
Telemarketers #12 and 35    
I Can't Help Calling It Off with You    
The Duct Tape Song    

Sixteen songs for 10 bucks!! Gosh, that strikes me (Peter) as a pretty good deal. There are songs about the afore-mentioned people, and telemarketers, and Gov. Doyle, and negative ads, and pork in the budget, and recalls, and duct tape ... oh, shut me up!

"How do I get a copy???" you ask excitedly.

It's easy. Send me money. The CDs are $10 each. You can either

  • Paypal - use the buttons above to buy online via credit card or your paypal account. You don't need to have an account to use your credit card.
  • Email me and tell me how many dozen -- I mean how many -- you'd like, and tell me where to send them. Then send me money. If you could add a couple bucks for postage, great.
  • Or just send the money (checks are fine): my mailing info

If you live in the Madison area, you can request personal delivery! I will deliver your CD to your door and SING to you. Yes, this costs more, but it is (not) worth it! Ask me for details.